Region 5

Welcome to the Region 5 Activities page. Here you will find information regarding the annual Region 5 competitions, as well as information about various outreach programs. This section is intended to be a guide for new members, a reference for existing members, and to provide general information to those who may be interested.

IEEE Region 5 is one of the 10 administrative regions of the global IEEE organization, 6 of which are in the United States. Region 5 is the “southwestern” section comprising of professionals and students that are located in the central great plains states, as well as Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, and part of New Mexico.

Every year, the Missouri S&T IEEE Student Branch sends a team to compete in the competitions held at the annual Region 5 business meeting. Students from schools across the region compete against each other in various competitions. Competitions include: Robotics, Ethics, Circuit Design, Standards, and Student Papers. In addition to competitions, many student workshops are also held.

2018 Region 5 robot
2018 Region 5 competition

As well as compete, students involved in Region 5 activities are also involved in community outreach. Projects in the past have included demonstrating power generation by making windmills with students from Rolla Middle School, and participating in Engineer’s Week.


Student competitions include: Robotics, Ethics, Circuit Design,Standards, and Student Papers.


Students are given a task to complete, such as sorting colored “coins”, or a “search and rescue” operation, from years prior. The team is required to design, construct, and test a robot to complete the task entirely autonomously, with no input from the competitors.


Students are presented with a case study, and the IEEE Code of Ethics. They are then given two hours to analyze the case study, and create a presentation on the events in the case study and how they relate to the IEEE Code of Ethics. Students are then required to present their findings to a panel of experts.